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Movie / Book List 2008

Here I'll keep track of all the movies I watched this year so that I can really decide which movie I liked best:

001. Clueless (01.01.08)
002. Hitmann 47 (01.04.08)
003. The Family Stone (01.05.08)
004. The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King ( 01.10.08)
005. Coyote Ugly (01.19.08)
006. P.S.: I love you (01.19.08)
007 My Blueberry Nights (01.24.08)
008 Good Luck Chuck (01.30.08)
009 Attonement (01.31.08)
010 The Bucket List (02.01.08)
011 Shooter (02.03.08)
012 National Treasure: Book of Secrets (05.02.08)
013 Juno (02.16.08)
014 Aurora Boreils (02.20.08)
015 Boondock Saints (03.04.08)

And my book list for the next year:

001. Getting rid of Matthew - Jane Fallon
002. The Chocolates Lover's Club - Carole Matthew
003. Heat and Dust - Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
004. Marshmallows for Breakfast - Dorothy Koomsen
005 Lottery - Patricia Wood
006 Nathan der Weise - Lessing
007 The It Girl (Lucky) - Cecily van Zegesar
008Twilight - Stephenie Meyer
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Coming Home

So here Iam back again, at good old Livejournal. Since everyboy has one now, I decided that I could use mine again, too. Thanks again for all the help and also for all the help Iam gonna get, because it's still difficult for me, but Iam going to figure everything out.
There's gonna be a new layout soon and I hope that Iam able to change some other things, too. This journal is going to be Friends Only in a few days, so you can read all the shit I wrote back 4 years ago (gosh, that is such a long time) and I will write new entries also Friends Only.

Does anyone want to make me a Friends Only Banner? I know all of you are so talented. I even already have a picture *gg*

You know you love me, Anna
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